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We are a unique TK-5th public school, offering both a rigorous & enriching Traditional TK-5th Program & our "Dos Alas" Spanish/English Dual-Language Immersion K-5th program teaching bilingualism & global perspectives.

Enrollment is Open!

TK: kids turning 5 Sept. 2nd, 2024 - June 2, 2025

K kids turning 5 by September 1st, 2024

Dos Alas es un programa educativo en el que los estudiantes aprenden a hablar, leer y escribir en inglés y español a nivel académico. ¡Aprende más aquí!

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Why choose 

A unique approach

DeLaveaga is a unique school. We work to instill creative thinking and a cross-cultural perspective on our community and our world.

Our school is a place where learners are rigorously pushed to their highest potential of excellence with a diverse curriculum and unique enrichment opportunities. We support students with a system dynamic instruction that combines classroom work, small groups and on-on-one attention.

Whether our students are pursuing bilingualism or simply growing and learning to understand themselves and the world around them, we work to offer every challenge and support needed to help us all grow as learners and human beings.

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DeLaveaga is home. DeLa is a special place where people are cared for, and the sense of belonging is striking.

Mary Lieby 

Lo que más me gusta de Delavega es el Programa de Inmersión Dual, mi hijo está fortaleciendo sus habilidades de hablar en español y también en la escritura. 


El se siente tan orgulloso de ser bilingüe y que él se pueda comunicar con mi familia y su abuela en Español ¡no tiene precio! 

Juliana Reyes

I am excited for my children to spend the day in an environment that is diverse, inclusive, energetic, engaging and caring. From the front office staff to the librarian, the music teacher and nurse, the art teacher & counselors, custodians, teachers, aides & the principal, I know that EVERY member of the DeLaveaga team is there to support my child.

Shuntelle Emanuel 

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school offers more

We have the deepest roots in our Santa Cruz community, the most experienced teachers, the most student supports, the most mental health supports, the most partnerships with local resources and opportunities.

As our students move into the secondary, we have the most college prep courses, the most career paths, the ​most extracurriculars, the most leadership opportunities.

We have the most diversity, the most community and the most history. We have the most help for those who need it, the most challenges for those who excel.

And you, like all, are welcome.

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