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Supporting your teacher is easy with DonorsChoose!
Classrooms are places for new ideas. Because lots of our teachers want to try something new or explore new elements for their classroom. We partner with DonorsChoose to give teachers an easy way to let their families know what they need! DonorsChoose also helps teachers pair their fundraising campaigns with charitable organizations that will supplement any funds we raise!
Current Classroom Campaigns
Ms. K's TK Class:
"Learning Through Play"
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In addition to promoting curiosity, exploration and creativity, play provides children with the opportunity to practice important executive function and self-regulation skills like paying attention, inhibiting their impulses and remembering and updating information,” according to Professor Stephanie Jones at Harvard University.

Play is especially important in my foreign language immersion classroom where I am trying to build bridges between my Spanish speaking and my English speaking students.

I need help to supplement the materials we have to promote those skills. I've been gifted a sturdy wooden dollhouse, and now we need furniture to go with it so students can use it together.

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Ms. Jimenez' 4/5 Class:
"Alternative Seating"


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Please help me provide alternative seating options for my energetic 4th/5th graders. Help them focus and learn! Imagine coming back from recess, energized and definitely not ready to learn. But then you have a comfy wobble stool that allows you to rhythmically move your body as needed and support your brain in calming down.

Having a safe and comfy space allows students to be better learners .

I have two and what I see is students learning how to calm down and self regulate and consequently be better learners. It makes sense, many of us often are have extra wiggles specially when being asked to sit for six hours on a stiff chair. Financing this project would allow me to provide more students the opportunity to self regulate, not just after recess but throughout the day and their entire life. It is so helpful to know what your learning style is and having this opportunity early on can allow my students to self- advocate for their needs.

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Ms. Paul's TK Class:
"Calming Area"


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With these resources, I hope to provide my students with a calm area in our classroom to regulate big feelings. This will give students a cozy spot to go read a book and take a break when needed. With the nook created by the play house cube, students can "hide" away from the busy atmosphere of class while being safe and secure, and the bins will allow us to categorize all the SEL books in our library to suit the various needs of our classroom.

I am eager to provide a space that feels like home away from home, where kids can relax in a comfy floor seat and take a few moments for deep breaths.

Students spend just as much time in their classroom as they do in their home, so these materials will help create a welcoming atmosphere for kids to feel sage and welcome in.

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